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Here are links to photography and video of Josh Lowenthal.

Josh is actively campaigning in the district, and is focused on:


More than a decade ago, Josh Lowenthal started working to help get unhoused and at-risk children and their families off the streets and into school and housing. He knows that breaking the cycle early helps down the line. And in the State Assembly, he’ll get the funds and provide the leadership we need to attack the root causes of homelessness. Josh served as president and boardmember of a family-oriented homelessness nonprofit that focused on getting children tutoring and mental health services, and provided high-quality childcare so mothers never have to choose between getting back on their feet and taking care of their children.


Josh is the only candidate for Assembly rated 100% Pro-Choice and endorsed by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice California.

He will make sure that women’s bodily autonomy is protected and written into California law, where right-wing anti-choice politicians can’t take it away. He will work to protect access to medication, healthcare, and privacy for all women.

Inflation and the Economy

As a small business owner, Josh Lowenthal knows the challenges we all face from rising prices, housing costs, and inflation. He’s created hundreds of good, local jobs in our community. In the State Assembly, he’ll be a leader to make sure middle and working class Californians get the help they need to weather the economic challenges.

Education and Jobs

Our schools, students, and classroom teachers need help to bounce back from the pandemic. Josh will fight to get more funding to teachers’ universities like Long Beach to make sure we have qualified, highly trained teachers. And he’ll bring together our schools, colleges, universities, and local employers to ensure we are giving students the skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.