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About Josh

Josh Lowenthal was born and raised in our community in a family dedicated to public service.

Josh is a successful entrepreneur and business owner with a long, successful track record in tech and telecom startups. His work helped create hundreds of jobs locally and beyond.

Growing up and working in Long Beach, Josh committed himself to making it better by working to alleviate homelessness, help at-risk children, and create good, 21st-century jobs.

He understands that complex problems require careful and creative solutions, and he has the experience and vision to build the coalitions to address the challenges facing our state and neighborhoods. He’s focused on making our community better by working to solve the homelessness crisis, improve our public schools, and make sure everyone feels safe in their community and home.

Josh Lowenthal grew up in Long Beach where he attended public schools. He worked as a local teacher, is a local business owner, and has three young daughters in public schools.