Where Josh Stands

On the Issues

Safe Neighborhoods

Our community is a great place to live because it is a safe place to live, work, and raise our families. I’ll fight to get our cities and communities the tools they need to crack down on residential crime, gun violence, and organized retail theft. Together, we can make sure our neighborhoods are safe from crime and violence.

Helping the unhoused

Homelessness is reaching crisis proportions in our state and our communities, and we need solutions that address the need for housing, mental health help, addiction treatment, and safe neighborhoods. In the Assembly I’ll work to make sure that we use our record budget surplus to fund the programs necessary to get people off the streets and into housing and treatment. I’ll also make sure that our cities and counties have the tools they need to enforce our laws and keep residents and neighborhoods safe from crime and violence. We must get the unhoused the help they need – from housing to mental health and addiction services – while dealing with the blight and crime associated with unlawful encampments.

As a Board Member and Former President of Children Today, I’ve worked hard to help get children off the street and into housing and school. I’ll continue to fight for solutions that create affordable permanent housing for those unhoused and at-risk of being unhoused.

Strengthening our economy and creating good jobs

The last few years have been tough on our communities, and inflation and price increases are only contributing further to the uncertaintly and volatility. We need to use all the tools at our disposal to create good jobs you can raise a family on. As a business owner, I’ve helped create hundreds of good paying jobs, many in our community. With record low employment, we need to focus not on just creating jobs, but making our existing jobs better. This means making access to education and uptraining easier and less expensive, ensuring our secondary and higher education graduates are being trained for the best jobs in our economy, and working to give workers a say on the job. In the Assembly, I’ll fight to make sure our schools have the resources they need, our higher education meets its promise of providing affordable college education to all graduating Californians, and our state is taking every step possible to help businesses create jobs we can all raise a family on.