Clean air, clean water, clean beaches

We live in a wonderful part of California with a bountiful amount of beaches, parks, and wonderful weather.  With nearly 10% of the US population set to visit California beaches in 2018, our coast is also the greatest economic driver in our community.   For both our livelihood and our local economy it is our responsibility to protect open space and beaches from over development and pollution, and expand access to them for our communities and future generations. In the Assembly I will fight to crack down on polluters, ensure that our coastlines are not marred by ill-informed development, and work to increase access to parks and open space for all residents of our communities.

Jobs of the future

As an entrepreneur, I’m passionate about building companies and creating jobs. My business experience over the last two decades has shown that job growth is directly tied to implementing bold and out-of-the-box thinking.  In the legislature, I’ll work to make sure our government is a true partner for creative and innovative businesses, both large and small, and works to nourish their ability to create new opportunities for our community.  We all know the best jobs come from the best employers, and I’ll work closely to attract and retain private industry by implementing a regulatory framework poised for growth.

Good Schools + Good educations = Great outcomes

As a father with children in local public schools, I understand the anxiety parents feel about the quality of their children’s education.  With so many young people falling between the cracks, we’ve become too focused on a political relationship with public schools instead of a partnership focused squarely focused on results for our students.  That’s why I want to focus on fully funding our locals schools, increasing parent involvement and volunteering, and creating accountability to parents and students that will allow us to make the informed decisions necessary to improve faltering schools. Our schools are not a political battlefield – they are the nursery of our future and deserve our undivided commitment to their success.

Privacy – it’s your right

We live in a digital world, where daily life may involve the convenience of mobile apps, social media, and online commerce.  Unfortunately data breaches and hacking happen with little consequence, and advertisers monetize our digital behavior without our knowledge or control.  As a business executive in the tech space, I recognize the tremendous benefits and conveniences of the digital world.  Yet we are also paying a huge cost for our most precious information to be stored elsewhere, and the consequences of poor security are high.  Our government has an obligation to make certain our data is secure, provide simpler and easier mechanisms for us to understand who is using our accessing our data, and to opt out if we choose.  I am particularly interested in protecting children by enabling parents to have stronger controls over their kids’ digital footprint.