About Josh Lowenthal

Growing up and working throughout the world, launching and growing multiple business ventures, volunteering in his community, and raising three children has exposed Josh Lowenthal to life’s challenges, and taught him many things.  Foremost among them is that creative solutions are born not from recycled ideas but from broad experience, collaboration, a willingness to embrace innovation, and that standing up for yourself, and others, is a crucial public responsibility.

Despite coming from a family of elected officials, Josh trailblazed his own path as an entrepreneur, consumer advocate, and business owner.  With a long, successful track record in tech and telecom startups, Josh has traveled to nearly 100 countries around the world to understand consumer needs across variable markets to grow his businesses. Now, as President of FreeConferenceCall.com, Josh increased the revenue of the business tenfold and expanded it to 70 countries around the world, where the service is enjoyed by over 40 million callers monthly.

It is significant to note that Josh has achieved these results despite the repeated and egregious attempts of giant corporations to stamp out FreeConferenceCall.com’s disruptive business model and its embrace of consumers. In standing up to these corporations and their attacks he makes free application access for small businesses a priority – a policy he wants to carry over into the legislature, where he will be a champion for consumer rights, privacy, good and open government, and against the corrosive corporate interests in our capitol.

Josh wants to bring his broad experience to our state legislature.  Like all of us, Josh is weary of the partisan bickering that only hurts our state and communities.  He wants to utilize the problem-solving skills he’s learned in his long business career to government:  consensus-building and collaboration, firm resolve in standing up to special interests, and the merit of creative solutions to move us all forward.

Josh also knows that we shouldn’t rely on government to fix all of society’s problems, and that’s why as Board President of Children Today he raised millions of dollars to help homeless children find stability in their lives, get access to vital fully accredited early education, and have enough support to transcend the challenges they face in their early lives.

With three young daughters (two in local public schools), Josh not only understands the urgency of taking action, but the exponential positive effect every success will have on our children’s future. That’s why he is passionate about protecting our coast and open space, improving our schools, and working to ensure that at-risk children have the resources and support they need to succeed.

Josh Lowenthal lives in Huntington Beach with his wife and three children.